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WYB greatly appreciates your interest in becoming part of our youth sports organization.  All volunteers, coaches and staff must complete several steps before we can accept your service:

  1. Training - state and federal laws require the following training components in youth sports:
    1. Concussion in Sports
    2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    3. Abuse Prevention
  2. Policy - read the WYB policy document(s). All volunteers, coaches and staff must agree to uphold these regulations and conduct themselves in a manner becoming a community leader, in all matters public and private.
  3. Registration - you must register on the main WYB website, WorthingtonBoosters.org.  During this process, the system will capture your personal contact information, proof of training and agreements.
  4. Background Check - an additional registration through APS for ages 18+.


Opened: 01/01/2020

Open to:
born between: 01/01/1900 and 01/01/2020